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Wonderful Coast to Coast Sponsors

The planning for this ride has taken a considerable amount of time. Planning aspects of the route, calculating realistic mileage per day, anticipating when we will need a proper rest... Then, rechecking, re-configuring, and dreaming about it in our sleep.

When we first planned, it was just the two of us-Mark and James. But after we had to postpone in 2020, and after we had completed a couple of demanding rides, we knew we needed to have a support crew with us. We enlisted the help of Adam's godfather, Iain Every, and he will be our driver, nutritionist, chaplain, mental health minder and all around top man. We know the ride will be physically and mentally demanding, so we're making sure we've got great support in place. We have had huge support from our wives and families, but when we're away, we know we'll need an other to be there with us. For us...

We have been wonderfully blessed by the use of an RV throughout our epic trip. This means we will have greater flexibility for travel, a way to help keep our costs down, and a mobile base that will be our temporary home. We have also been blessed by the provision of hotels on our rest days. All of this is being sponsored and supported by some wonderful people, and we would like to thank:

The John & Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation

Original Cottages

The Nature Collective

We are truly astounded that others would listen to the story of two middle-aged men who simply want to raise money to end cancer in memory of a loved one. Their support means we can focus on completing the ride without having to worry.

Behind this there has been a phenomenal team at the American Association for Cancer Research. Our appreciation for the interest and drive of Mitch Stoller and Megan Kutzner is immeasurable, and because of this we will ride out of New York City on 21 August with great confidence, knowing that so much has been done to make our ride a success, especially for all those who in the future will reap the benefit of cancer research.

Thank you for your brilliant support!


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