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Just a reminder of why we ride...

In less than two weeks, we will be off again cycling to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Actually, we will be cycling from Launceston to Exeter (it will be cathedral number 2 on our English Cathedrals route), meeting up with family to enjoy an overnight stop before continuing to Wells.

Riding, for us, is a labour of love. We are able to keep upright and keep going forward. We're never likely to break any kind of records, as we are more of the 'sure and steady' type of cyclists. But we do it because of our love for Adam. Yes, he is not with us, but there is still so much about him we love, which continues to drive us on!

Here are some more photos of Adam that capture a glimpse of the fun and laughter he brought into our lives. One, on his 21st birthday, we could visualise what he would have looked like with a great big ginger beard! (And note the 'divine' approval! ) The other, he loved performing, and he was captured in costume and role. Always ready to elicit a smile or laughter... Always ready to enjoy the fullness of life.

So we'll be off again, confident that we will raise £250k, and on some days wildly dream of raising £1 million! Absurd? Ridiculous? Possibly. But Adam will always be a great motivator for us in achieving the ridiculous. (Remember, our first goal was £10,000, which quickly became £25,000, which then became £100k, and now £250k.)


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