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  • Riding for Adam

For the amazing people who cared for Adam

Whenever we think about Adam, there will always be moments when we remember the amazing people who cared for Adam. The medical professionals were tireless, devoted, hopeful, gentle, compassionate, and had a clear sense of vocation. Those who cared for Adam never gave the impression that they were in it for the money!

Adam was cared for at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital (@RMCHosp), Nottingham University Hospitals Trust (@TeamNUH), and University College London Hospital (@uclh). Part of his treatment when he was at UCLH was at the Royal Brompton (@RBandH) and the Royal Marsden Sutton (@royalmarsdenNHS). The expertise represented by these hospitals is staggering, and Adam was served magnificently by the teams of people in each place.

In addition to the expert care he received on the NHS, Adam received a great deal of support from various cancer charities: Macmillan (@macmillancancer), Marie Curie (@mariecurieuk), Teenage Cancer Trust (@TeenageCancer), Young Lives vs Cancer (@YLvsCancer), formerly known as Clic Sargent, and the Willow Foundation (@Willow_Fdn). Please check out their websites and see the incredible support they give to people with cancer and their families. Maybe you could support them, especially Willow Foundation.

These places and organisations would be nothing without their people, and for as long as we remember Adam, the following people will also be treasured for all they did for him.

Dr Mark, Adam's GP in Blackburn whose commitment and faith helped prepare us as a family for the journey ahead.

At Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, we give thanks especially for: Guy (his consultant), Chris (Macmillan nurse), the ICU team of Laura, Jackie and John, for Stuart and Trish, and always caring through the night, Tina. There were many others, of course, but not all of their names have been remembered.

His second cancer journey began in Nottingham and though he was there briefly, the team on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward at Nottingham City Hospital were as caring and supportive as could be.

When his care was moved to UCLH, he was expertly and lovingly cared for by Sandra, an expert for whom Adam had deep respect and great rapport. There was also a nurse (her name is sadly forgotten) but whose open heart and beautiful smile always welcomed Adam at the UCLH Macmillan Centre.

Riding for Adam is as much about remembering this whole network of people as it is raising money for Cancer Research UK. Our hope is that there will be a day when there will be no need for any of this. But until that day arrives, they need and deserve our support and gratitude.

If your life has been impacted by cancer, either because you've been diagnosed, or someone close to you has, you will know about the great team of people working for you! We will never forget the people who worked for Adam, and so we will always be thankful!


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