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Cancer Research UKs Amazing People

We have completed our Cathedrals tour, and we're getting ready for our American adventure! It's been a long time coming, and we're near the point of no return!

But before we set off for the other side of the Pond, we have to make sure that Cancer Research UK knows how much we have valued their support. Especially during both parts of the English Cathedrals tour, our spirits were often uplifted by the dedicated team: regional relationship managers, PR, head office staff, charity shop staff and volunteers, and local fundraising teams. All amazing!

Are that stand out? Of course, but it has to be said that all those we met we would say are outstanding!

We have been supported throughout our 'Riding for Adam' journey chiefly by our regional relationship managers (in no particular order): Jess Allchin, Hollie White, Sophie Barber and Olivia Jeffries. Many thanks for your continued support (and for meeting us at the end of our rides, or at the start...)

Along the way, we met other regional managers who have been equally fantastic in their support (often with 'goody' bags to keep us full of calories!) and here we mention Kathryn, Andy, Becky, Claire (x2), Heidi, Debbie, Sally, Sue and Gill.

The charity shop staff and volunteers were most inspiring. Cycling into Peterborough, we saw out of the corner of our eye staff coming out of the shop. They were on their way to the cathedral to welcome us. They were brilliant, each being hugely encouraging as well as being quite motivational. Thank you, Maria, David and Uljana. In Ely, Dawn and Tracey saw us off at the start of the day, and at St Albans we had an unexpected welcome with balloons, cakes and drinks, and very friendly people, Rose and Gracie and some from the local fundraising committee. Two of the crew from Rochester, Neil and Joanna, sent us off with the best doughnuts ever!

But a stand out was the team at Canterbury (sadly, I have no photo!). Beata and Mya made so much noise as we got closer to the cathedral, and they were a tonic! It has to be said that I (James) had had enough riding for that day. The weather was ugly, my mood was ugly, and all I wanted to do was get the train back to Rochester. But then Beata and Mya told of why they volunteer at the charity shop, and I simply couldn't feel sorry for myself anymore.

When we're crossing the USA, this team of people can't be there. But they won't be forgotten as we continue to press on to raise money to end cancer!


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