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Amazing Cream Tea

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Postponed from last year, we held an afternoon cream tea on Saturday, 19 June, for 'Riding for Adam'. It raised £1,367!

Penny made all the scones, and cakes, biscuits, etc (except for the GF ones: thanks for those, Jeni). We couldn't have managed without: Jeni & Paul, Karen & Mark, Abbie & Liam, Rachel, and Dave (you know who you are!).

The cream tea was generously supported by @RoddasClottedCream who supplied all the Cornish Clotted cream and jam. You can't have a cream tea without Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream!

In addition to the cream tea, we also had a cake//jam/fudge stall, and we are grateful to those who made cakes and donated them for the cause: Russell, Jeni, Merrill, Jean, Carol, and the excellent fudge from Roo's Fudge Kitchen!

We also benefited from the kindness and support of St John's Church Billericay for tables and chairs, cake stands, cutlery and sugar; Emmanuel Church Billiericay (@EmmanuelChurchBillericay) for cups & saucers, plates and cutlery, coffee machine (and coffee!), and a few more cake stands; Salvation Army Wickford for long tables; and St Mary Magdalene Church, Great Burstead, for permission to use their car park; Lesley & John, and Paul & Jeni for the marquees. And finally, Dad, for the garden!

It takes a great team to make a great day happen!

Of course, all the teamwork was so that people would be able to enjoy the day, and those who came were generous and helped raise essential funds for @Cancer Research UK. Maybe we'll do it again next year as we continue to remember Adam!


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